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Writing Partnership Program

So, you want to finish a writing project, but you have a hard time holding yourself accountable.

Or you would love to get feedback on certain parts of your work, but you don't want to join a whole critique group.

Perhaps you have plenty of people who are happy to offer feedback, but you crave the camaraderie of a fellow writer who shares your struggles, challenges, and victories in only the way another writer can.

You may want a co-author.

Or maybe you need a writing buddy that you can engage in a little friendly competition with to see who can hit the longest streak for that target word count every day. The winner might get a free coffee or smoothie from the writing partner—or even a special gift from the Collective. We'll be featuring select writing partnerships and cheering you on as you work toward achieving your goals.

Whichever option sounds up your alley, there's another writer out there who may be looking for a partner just like you.

Let us know you're interested in partnering by applying via the button below. We'll publish your "Partner Wanted" post on a private page accessible by Elite members only so that other members can read and respond to you directly.
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