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Writing Challenges

Looking for a way to stay disciplined? Want to commit and focus (or refocus) on your writing but don't know where to start? Our 7- and 21-day writing challenge series are just what you need.

Every day you'll write 1,000 words or more and develop (or redevelop) the habit of writing daily.

To get started, follow the four simple steps below.

Step 1: Join the crew! Simply click the button below to join.

Step 2: Create your writing plan. What will you work on? How long will you write each day? Where will you write? When? 
Step 3: Join the writing challenges group in the forum, check the Writing Crew threads, and find a crew to join. If you don't see a thread by someone looking for a writing crew, post a request for one and form one. Come up with a name for your crew. Have fun with it!

It's important that you are part of a Challenge Crew for these exercises, so if you're unable to find or form one and need help, let us know. 

Step 4: Share your writing plan with your writing partners.

You can write about whatever you want: a new story, a chapter in your book, journaling, or freewriting you can jumpstart with our daily writing prompts. At the end of each day, you’ll let your challenge crew know via the challenge group how many words you wrote that day. You and your writing partner(s) will hold each other accountable. You can also share your writing with the group if you so choose and talk about your writing process, observations, or struggles.

At the end of the 7 days, you’ll have written 7,000 words! That's enough for a few chapters in a book or a short story or two! More importantly, you’ll have begun your daily writing habit!

The 7-day writing challenge is just to get your feet wet. Once you successfully finish the first challenge, you can move up to the next writing challenge: the 21-day challenge. Here is where habit forming really kicks in!

It's also where you can win in other ways. Members who successfully complete the 21-day writing challenge can win any of hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. 

Or, if you feel more comfortable sticking with 7-day challenges, you can simply start another. Or push yourself and create a 10-day challenge with your crew. Either way, always communicate with each other. Encourage each other, cheer each other on, show up, and hold up your end of the commitment to your accountability partners in your crew.

So, baby steps first. Sign up for the 7-day writing challenge and let's get it started! 

The first challenge starts in February after our official launch.


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