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About Black Writers Collective

Black Writers Collective is a private network for literary creatives who dream of a supportive, empowering environment to engage with fellow writers for accountability and the positive motivation to be the writer you feel called to be.

We give you a tribe with whom you can share your goals, challenges, achievements, and successes.

We provide you with tools and resources to learn and grow as a writer.

We empower you through blocks and distractions to refocus on your vision and take persistent steps toward achieving your objectives, one step at a time.

All for only $5 per month

Not the Last, but the First

Black Writers Collective was the first literary arts association to organize online for writers of color back in 1998. We continue to embrace the challenge of empowering Black writers to achieve your goals. 

What We Do

Black Writers Collective is an online community of writers, literary entrepreneurs, and authors who, like you, have a vision to:

- Get organized and gain traction in their writing

- Find the balance needed to develop the habit and practice of writing

- Feel confident and knowledgeable about the craft and business of writing

- Be more efficient and effective with book promotion efforts and marketing strategies each day

- Develop systems to start writing and keep writing

- Connect with new fans who want to read what they write and strengthen their fan bases

Here we provide a supportive community to not only help you make the work of writing happen, but we also aim to help you to enjoy the ride. 

How We Do It

Writers Support Meetings 

We host general writer support meetings and live chats to discuss members' works-in-progress, sharing thoughtful feedback to help you to make your story better--and make you a stronger writer. 

We Help End Isolation

Our legacy of bringing together Black writers online for networking and fellowship is why we were first formed. We give you the opportunity to meet and share insights, experience and dreams with peers—fellow writers who will understand the writing process and keep you inspired.

We Set & Share Weekly and Monthly Writing Goals

Being with other writers as we set writing goals and work toward achieving them is among the most powerful motivation there is for you to get focused, find the time, and make the work happen.

We Help Hold Each Other Accountable

We plan together, we write together, we finish together. At the start of each month we share our goals and intentions for the coming month as well as our progress and accomplishments for the month behind us. We'll hold you accountable, challenge you, and motivate you through "The End" of writing project after project, and we'll cheer you on and celebrate your successes with you.

We Connect You With Talented Editors & Beta Readers

There's nothing quite like having a professional editor with an innate understanding of your voice, who speaks the same language you speak, in all of its varied nuances, and a skilled beta reader that can tell you if your story isn’t working before you put it out there before the world. But how can you tell which editors can take your manuscript through the proper paces? We’ve vetted them for you! We've built a network of such experts at, skilled in all types of editing, book analysis, and proofreading, to make it easier for you to find these professionals when you need them.


Membership gets you access to discussions, polls, activities, chats, critique groups and partners, webinars, workshops, events, our digital library, writing challenges, an accountability co-working tribe, and interest groups for various genres, freelancers, poets, script writers, beta readers, a members' bookshelf, and more. We also have a podcast hosted on our Telegram channel on which we spotlight members for readings and much more!

There's More...Much More

There's more, but we'll let you see for yourself. Join today and be part of our tribe.


Before you join, be aware that we do not offer refunds should you change your mind later about being part of our community. By joining, you acknowledge that you are aware of our refund policy and accept the terms and conditions as outlined above.

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